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Michele De Lucchi, Angelo Micheli and Laura Cunico for Stone Italiana at Marmomacc Meets Design 2011

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aMDL studio Stone Italiana

In collaboration with aMDL studio, Laura Cunico met Design at Marmomacc 2011. Unfinished wood and fabrics are used to create the small structure that hosts Stone Italiana’s products. The walls are made made of interwoven wood with tulle partitions to create a light and colorless architecture, thereby allowing the materials on show to add color to the exhibition space through their chromatic variety.

The softness of the fabric and the naturalness of the wood generate an ideal setting for the product on show, with its different finishes and possible applications. Trasformability and sustainability. The large work tables – on which the materials are placed with their myriad colors – become the palette animating “Stone’s” booth.

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